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Japan braces for 'Jellyfish typhoon'

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Taking up herewith Science and Technology Trend News by Media.
Recent Science and Technology Trend in Japan will be read via these News.
Jul 11 U.S. space shuttle ready to deliver Japanese porch (Reuters)
 NASA prepared to launch space shuttle Endeavour to the International Space Station on Saturday to deliver a Japanese porch and spare parts needed to keep the outpost going after the shuttle fleet's retirement next year. The space agency planned to begin fueling the ship just after 10 a.m. for liftoff from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida at 7:39 p.m.
Jul 11 Japan braces for 'Jellyfish typhoon' (Boston Herald)
 Swarms of giant Nomura's jellyfish are expected in the coastal waters around Japan this year, a "jellyfish typhoon" that threatens to inflict massive damage to the fishing industry. One of the biggest varieties of jellyfish in the world, Nomura's jellyfish - also known as Echizen jellyfish - weigh as much as 440 pounds and have heads reaching up to about two meters in diameter. Japan's Fisheries Agency warned fishermen across the country about the arrival of the jellyfish after it received several reports of sightings in the sea around Japan this month.
Jul 05 Wind power has its own environmental problems (Miami Herald)
 Wind power generation is expected to be a clean and environmentally friendly natural energy source, but a new kind of environmental problem has surfaced as infrasonic waves caused by windmills are suspected of causing health problems for some people.
Jul 05 Ramen robots invade japan restaurant (CNET)
 Just when you thought your noodle waterslide was the height of Japanese food gadgetry, a ramen shop in Minami-Alps, Yamanashi, Japan, is gaining popularity for its robot chef.
Jul 04 Osaka fails to report swine flu mutation (Japan Times)
 An Osaka health official found a genetic mutation of swine flu that is resistant to Tamiflu on June 18 - nearly two weeks before the "first" finding was reported in Denmark - but failed to disclose it, the health ministry said Thursday. The mutation, found in a woman in her 40s in Toyonaka who caught the H1N1 influenza A virus in May, is the first reported case of Tamiflu-resistant swine flu in Japan.
Jul 03 NASA, Japan map most of planet (baltimoresun.com)
 CNN's goinggreen blog has an entry today on the new digital topographical map created by NASA and Japan. It's the most complete map to date. The map was built from 1.3 million images taken by NASA's Terra satellite. CNN says the images were taken by a Japanese imaging instrument called the Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer, or ASTER.
By J.S. on Jul 15, 2009



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