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Japan's New Entrepreneurial Samurai Women

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Taking up herewith Japanese Business Trend News by Media.
Business Trend in Japan will be read via these News.
Jul 11 Japan's New Entrepreneurial Samurai Women (ABC News)
 Lynko Morimoto, a 30-year-old business owner in Tokyo, doesn't look back nostalgically on her days when she worked as an "office girl" in her hometown of Osaka in western Japan. "Starting up my own business in my mid-20s was definitely not an easy proposition," says Morimoto, who has been running her company AILA International since 2006 selling belts that make use of fashion scarves called "Belticaf."
Jul 11 Credit squeeze in Japan threatens firms' survival (Bloomberg)
 Healthy Japanese companies may fail for lack of financing as banks throw the baby out with the bathwater to avoid bad loans, says one Tokyo financial chief. Bank of Japan Governor Masaaki Shirakawa said July 6 many companies are struggling to borrow, and the Tankan report on business confidence showed companies consider access to finance is close to a record low.
Jul 11 Toyota Considers Closure of California Plant (wsj.com)
 Toyota Motor Corp. said it is considering closing a vehicle-assembly plant in California that it jointly operates with General Motors Corp., after the U.S. automaker decided to pull out. "We need to determine whether it can be economically feasible to contract with NUMMI without GM," Toyota said in a statement referring to the plant called, New United Motor Manufacturing Inc.
Jul 07 Morgan Stanley may sell stake in Japan's Sapporo (Reuters)
 Morgan Stanley, grappling with real estate investment losses, may sell its 1.8 percent stake in Japanese beer maker Sapporo Holdings, a move that could weaken its toehold in Japan's property business. The U.S. bank, which some analysts expect to log a second quarterly loss, has told the beer maker it could sell all or part of its Sapporo holdings, Sapporo said in a statement on Monday.
Jul 07 US: Agreement reached with Japan benefits cherry growers (freshplaza.com)
 A new agreement has been reached with the Japanese government. Growers are now able to immediately export their cherries to Japan. There's been a change in protocol when it comes to shipping cherries to Japan. Now the cherries can be shipped sooner, meaning fresher cherries and better sales over seas.
Jul 07 Balanced news key for Yahoo Japan (Japan Times)
 While Yahoo Japan's news service has grown bigger and more powerful with the rise of the Internet, it has become tougher for the media to broadcast news with important value to its audience, said Michihiro Okumura, who leads a team that selects Yahoo Japan's news topics for its front page.
Jul 06 Outlook bleak in Japan's 'Detroit,' but community remains hopeful (pittsburghlive.com)
 If things look bad in Detroit, so, too, does the outlook for the "City of the Automobile" here. The fortunes of this city of 400,000 residents are so closely tied to the Toyota Motor Co. that the two share a name. And as the automaker's profits declined in recent months, so, too, have its municipal tax payments.
Jul 06 Hybrids help Toyota, Honda dominate Japan car sales (Reuters)
 Toyota Motor Corp's (7203.T) Prius hybrid was Japan's best-selling car in June while Honda Motor Co's (7267.T) rival Insight ranked fourth, helping the two hybrid leaders dominate the list of top-selling models.

By J.S. on Jul 14, 2009



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