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Japan was Jackson's other Neverland

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Taking up herewith News by Media regarding Japanese Society.
Recent Japanese Society situation will be read via these News.
Jul 06 Tokyo premiere launches return of 'Harry Potter' (Reuters)
 Thousands of fans, some dressed as wizards in long gowns with pointy hats, lined up in Tokyo to catch the sixth in the blockbuster "Harry Potter" film series on Monday, kicking off a string of such events around the world. "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince," the latest movie about the boy wizard and his friends and enemies at Hogwarts school promises both action and budding romance, along with the expected death of a major character.
Jul 06 Japan court compensates asbestos victim's family (AFP)
 A Japanese court on Monday ordered the state to pay 76 million yen (800,000 dollars) to the family of a former US military base employee who died of lung cancer after being exposed to asbestos. The district court outside Tokyo ruled the government, which hires local workers to support US forces, had failed to take appropriate safety measures even though it realised the risk of exposure to the dangerous material.
Jul 06 Man with fuel tank seen before deadly pachinko parlor fire (Asahi)
 A man carrying a fuel tank on his bicycle was seen scoping out a pachinko parlor just before it was set on fire Sunday, killing four people and injuring 19, witnesses said. A metal fuel tank was found on the stairs between the first and second floors of a multi-tenant building next to the six-story structure that housed the arson-hit Cross Nikoniko pachinko parlor in Osaka's Konohana Ward, police said.
Jul 05 89,000 fans of Yujiro attend memorial in Tokyo (AP)
 Around 89,000 people gathered at the National Stadium in Tokyo on Sunday to attend the 23rd Buddhist memorial service for the late Yujiro Ishihara, a popular singer and actor who died in 1987 at the age of 52. In the grounds of the stadium, a model temple was constructed to display a picture of the superstar, who died on July 17, 1987, and 120 monks from a Yokohama temple, where he was buried, recited sutras.
Jul 05 Marine spouse battles Navy over contamination at naval base in Japan (salem-news.com)
 No one assigned to Naval Air Facility (NAF) Atsugi, the home of Carrier Air Wing 5, would have suspected that duty in Japan could exposed them to toxic chemicals, including deadly dioxin, the carcinogen infamously associated with Agent Orange. In fact, prior to the closure of Atsugi's privately owned Envirotech (formerly Shinkampo) incinerators in 2001, that is exactly what happened to military, dependents, and civilian workers stationed at NAF Atsugi during the period 1985 to 2001.
Jul 05 Suspected arson kills three in Japan (AsiaOne)
 A large fire broke out on Sunday in a possible arson attack on a slot machine parlour in western Japan, killing three people and injuring 15 others, police said. Witnesses told police that a man had sprayed liquid - possibly petrol - before the fire started late afternoon in the city of Osaka, a local police spokesman said.
Jul 05 Miss Universe Japan 2009 Emiri Miysaka (examiner.com)
 Miss Universe Japan 2009 Emiri Miysaka is turning heads and charming hearts throughout the globe and is considered a serious contender when the Miss Universe competition begins in August in the Bahamas. Emiri, fluent in English, attended school in California for a year. She is a talented dancer and singer whose combination of cultural influences could help her with votes throughout the globe.
Jul 05 Man put on wanted list for having others smuggle drugs (AP)
 Police have placed a 25-year-old man, who may be on the run overseas, on the wanted list for allegedly having two men smuggle stimulant drugs to Japan, investigative sources said Saturday.
Jul 05 High school boy stabs classmate to death on way to school (Mainichi)
 A 17-year-old high school boy was arrested for stabbing a classmate to death at a railway station here while on their way to school on Saturday morning, police said. The third-year student at a private high school in Sakurai, whose name is being withheld under the Juvenile Law, was initially arrested for attempting to murder 18-year-old Tomoya Hamada. Police are set to upgrade the charges to murder following his death.
Jul 05 Flashing the cash while the majority suffer (Japan Times)
 There haven't been many silver linings to the dark cloud of the recession that descended more than a year ago. One is the media's general loss of interest in ostentatious displays of stuff that most of us could never afford anyway. Nowadays, it's easier to boost TV ratings with features about places to buy ¥250 bento (boxed lunches) than features about three-star French restaurants.
Jul 05 Taking an Izu Islands tonic (Japan Times)
 Through half-closed eyelids, the sea sparkles. A bamboo screen dapples the sunlight, and the world is reduced to contrast, to flashes of light and shade. The air is a hot, distilled essence of summer. Each time the salt dries on my skin, I make the small commute from towel to waves and dive in. The water is azure, clear and cool. When it closes over my head, yesterday and Tokyo both become irrelevant.
Jul 04 Chinese with annual income over 250,000 yuan can tour Japan (People's Daily)
 Starting in July, Japan will issue tourist visas to Chinese individual tourists who meet specified conditions. Chinese tourists can enjoy "freely touring Japan" as early as July 8. The policy will initially be implemented in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, then following a one-year pilot implementation period it will expand throughout Chinese mainland.
Jul 04 High school student arrested over classmate's stabbing death (AP)
 A high school student was arrested Saturday over the death of his classmate in Sakurai, Nara Prefecture, after admitting to stabbing him, police said. The 17-year-old senior was apprehended at the scene on suspicion of attempted murder as he admitted to stabbing Tomoya Hamada, 18, on his abdomen and back at a train station shortly after 8 a.m., they said. Hamada was brought to a nearby hospital, at which he was pronounced dead around 90 minutes later.
Jul 04 55-year-old man arrested over Odawara murder (Yomiuri)
 A 55-year-old man was arrested Friday on suspicion of murdering a man in Odawara, Kanagawa Prefecture, police said. According to the police, Yoichi Umino, a construction worker residing in Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture, allegedly killed 60-year-old Norio Inage in mid-January by stabbing him in multiple places, including his back and chest. Umino reportedly denied the allegation.
Jul 03 Bagelheads the latest fad for Japanese teens (nj.com)
 Have you seen the latest fad for teens in Japan? They are called bagelheads. Teens in Japan are injecting themselves with saline, which causes bumps in their heads.
Jul 03 Firefighters penalized for hazing recruits (Yomiuri)
 Eleven senior firefighters have been punished for hazing new recruits by making them perform 10,000 pushups, among other abuses, the Matsudo Fire Department said Wednesday. The action taken against those disciplined included cuts in their salaries. Five of the 10 new recruits who participated in the harsh training quit after the incident.
Jul 03 Young adults turn to home sharing (Yomiuri)
 Rather than forking out money to rent their own apartments, young people struggling during the economic downturn are increasingly moving in with friends or acquaintances as they try to make ends meet. Many of these young adults used to place priority on having a good time, but are now unemployed or working in low-paying jobs. They appear to be moving toward cheaper, shared accommodation, and with it, finding emotional support in these bleak times.
Jul 03 Japan was Jackson's other Neverland (Japan Times)
 Much has been made of the fact that Jackson chose Japan to make his first public appearance following the trial, which, despite the acquittal, effectively ruined what was left of his reputation in America and Europe. It was certainly clever of MTV Japan to offer him its Legend Award at that particular time.
Jul 03 Knife law tough shuck for oysters (Japan Times)
 Be careful next time you're about to shuck a fresh oyster at a restaurant - you may be using a knife considered illegal under the Firearm and Sword Control Law. Possessing certain types of oyster knives will be punishable from Sunday, after the moratorium expires on a revision to the law that was implemented in January.
Jul 02 Aussies embrace their inner Japanese superhero (thewest.com.au)
 In bedrooms and living rooms across Australia, hardcore lovers of Japanese animation are busy sewing and stitching, gluing and bejewelling, in hope of becoming a champion. These role play aficionados put hours of sweat and blood into constructing a costume that will transform them into their chosen manga superhero.
Jul 02 Shimbashi cafe booms as oasis for smokers (AP)
 Salaried workers feeling cornered by the growing smoking ban in the city can take a breather at a "tobacco cafe" that recently opened in Tokyo's Shimbashi district, becoming an oasis for smokers. Suitably named Cafe Tobacco, smoking is allowed in all of its three- story premises with 44 seats. The cafe also offers original blend coffee with a bitter taste, which is believed to go well with cigarettes.
Jul 02 Amuro survives a hard life with limitless talent (China.org.cn)
 In a life of ups and downs the popular Japanese pop singer Amuro Namie is heading for one of her happier up moments. On July 11-12, Amuro will perform on the Shanghai Grand Stage. It will be her first solo concert in Chinese mainland, granting at long last her Chinese mainland fans an opportunity to watch their idol live.
Jul 02 Whether to come out at the office (Japan Times)
 'Do you live on your own?' It's a perfectly casual question at work, one that would naturally arise in conversations. For many gays and lesbians, however, if they happen to live with their partner, queries such as this often become the moment of truth - or the moment of avoiding the truth.
Jul 02 Govts lift ban on riding bicycles with 2 kids (Yomiuri)
 People who ride with two children on bicycles that do not meet the standards will be fined up to 20,000 yen for violating the Road Traffic Law.
Jul 02 Wider range of pet funeral services gain popularity (Yomiuri)
 With an increasing number of distraught pet lovers seeking to mark the passing of their cherished animal friends with a funeral service, the range of relevant services on offer has grown considerably.
Jul 01 2 men busted over disguised yakuza end-of-year hotel party (Mainichi)
 Two men were arrested Tuesday in connection with a yakuza end-of-year party at a hotel here, police have announced. Arrested were 47-year-old Hidetsugu Sato, a top member of a recognized yakuza group, and 47-year-old Hideo Koike, a company worker, on suspicion of fraud, obstructing a business, and misrepresentation causing reputation damage.
Jul 01 British followers of Japanese fashion (BBC)
 An underground youth culture in Japan with distinctive music, fashion and make-up, where the skin is darkened using tanning products is spreading worldwide. Young people in the UK have been learning about the intricacies of 'manba' by making friends on the other side of the world using social networking sites and learning how to re-create the style through videos on YouTube.
Jul 01 Law enacted to support reclusive youngsters (AP)
 The Japanese parliament enacted a law Wednesday to help young people who have withdrawn from society to stand on their own feet, approving it unanimously at a House of Councillors plenary session. The growing presence of socially withdrawn juveniles and those not in education, employment or training, dubbed NEETs, has become a social issue in recent years. Prime Minister Taro Aso called for legislation to support such people in his policy speech last September.
Jul 01 Visa overstayers given too many breaks: rightist (Japan Times)
 Daisuke Arikado believes the government is too easy on foreigners overstaying their visa and this frustrates him. Arikado is a former member of an ultra-rightist group who founded and heads the 30-strong nonprofit organization Movement to Eradicate Crimes by Foreigners.
By J.S. 0n Jul, 10, 2009



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