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Apparently the Japanese like Wii Sports Resort

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Taking up herewith Japanese Electronics News Trend by Media.
Electronics News Trend in Japan will be read via these News.
Jul 01 Apparently the Japanese like Wii Sports Resort (endsights.com)
 After having been on store shelves in Japan for only four days, Wii Sports Resort has become one of the region's top selling Wii games to date. The game sold 353,000 copies putting it in third place behind Super Smash Brothers Brawl and Mario Kart Wii.
Jul 01 'Eco-points' ready for registration, exchanges of goods (AP)
 The government on Wednesday began accepting from consumers registrations for "eco-points" introduced recently to stimulate purchases of more efficient electric appliances as well as applications for exchanging points for merchandize, gift coupons and electronic money.
Jun 30 Windows 7 pre-orders sell-out in Japan (engadget.com)
 Often companies will claim a "sellout" in order to hype incredible demand for its product. However, these claims are pointless without any firm numbers -- after all, there's a big difference between moving 100 and 100,000 units. Now we're getting word from Japan that the heavily discounted Windows 7 upgrades that went up for pre-order on Friday are sold-out.
Jun 30 Is Sony developing a playStation phone? (BusinessWeek)
 Is Sony finally taking aim at Apple's iPhone? Over the weekend the Japanese business daily Nikkei reported that Sony plans to form a skunkworks team whose job it will be to design a hybrid video game-cell phone gizmo-one that taps the company's years of producing PlayStation Portable gaming consoles and Sony-Ericsson handsets. A spokeswoman at Sony wouldn't confirm whether the report was true, and would only say that executives were considering "various possibilities." Combining elements of a PSP and handset would seem a "natural process of thinking," the spokeswoman said, without elaborating.
Jun 30 Net-enabled TVs strike a spark in consumer electronics market (Japan Times)
 Manufacturers are promoting sales of flat-screen TVs through discounts and other incentives, and thanks to their efforts sales are rising. However, now the TV makers have to stem the ongoing fall in prices. To address the issue, the manufacturers are turning out a new generation of television sets that allow consumers to view videos transmitted via the Internet, while Net companies deliver a wider range of movie and drama titles through their video-on-demand services.
Jun 27 Windows 7 prices announced; pre-order, upgrades start Friday (seattlepi.com)
 Microsoft Corp. announced pricing for its upcoming Windows 7 operating system, and the best deal you can get is $49.99. That's if you pre-order Windows 7 from Microsoft. The Redmond-based company announced today that pre-ordering will start Friday and run through July 11.
Jun 27 Hundreds show up to buy latest iPhone (Japan Times)
 About 200 people lined up Friday morning in Tokyo's Omotesando district for the chance to buy Apple Inc.'s new iPhone 3GS, the latest model in the iPhone series and Softbank Corp.'s mobile phone lineup.
Jun 26 Sharp launches Brain PW-AC900 e-dictionary in Japan (engadget.com)
 Sharp's really been stepping up the e-dictionary game of late -- what with the MID-looking RD-PM10. It's latest offering -- the Brain PW-AC900, however, is a little less exciting. It's very similar to its predecessors in the PW line -- PW-TC930 physically, but has a host of new features, including a simple text editor, multi-lingual dictionary, pronunciation, and vocabulary drills.
Jun 26 Apple's new iPhone model goes on sale in Japan and Australia (Bloomberg)
 Apple Inc. started the second phase of the worldwide release of the iPhone 3G S with the handset going on sale today in Japan and Australia. The iPhone 3G S, which went on sale in the U.S. on June 19, is debuting to stiffer competition from devices by Google Inc., Palm Inc. and Research In Motion Ltd.
Jun 25 Japan store pilots new face recognition system (securityinfowatch.com)
 A system that instantly searches images stored on a database and compares them with those taken by a security camera is being piloted at an electronics store in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo. The system will be used to combat crime by recognizing individuals whose images have been captured previously, as well as by analyzing customer buying patterns. Until now, searching for a specific person required someone to look at every image filmed. However, the new system developed by Hitachi, Ltd., is capable of dramatically narrowing down likely matches from a list of about 10,000 faces in only a second once a specific face from the camera is selected.
By J.S. on Jul 3, 2009



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