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Toyota to work on weekends

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Taking up herewith Japanese Business Trend News by Media.
Business Trend in Japan will be read via these News.
Jul 01 Sony struggling as Walkman hits 30th anniversary (Las Vegas Sun)
 When the Sony Walkman went on sale 30 years ago, it was shown off by a skateboarder to illustrate how the portable cassette-tape player delivered music on-the-go _ a totally innovative idea back in 1979. Today, Sony Corp. is struggling to reinvent itself and win back its reputation as a pioneer of razzle-dazzle gadgetry once exemplified in the Walkman, which Wednesday had its 30th anniversary marked with a special display at Sony's corporate archives.
Jul 01 NTT to take over Germany's Integralis (Reuters)
 A unit of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp (9432.T), Japan's largest phone company, said it would buy German IT security services provider Integralis (AAGGn.DE) for about 75 million euros ($106 million) in cash.
Jul 01 Bicycles strong enough to carry 2 kids hit market (AP)
 Bicycle manufacturers launched models strong enough to be ridden by an adult plus two small children Wednesday as the ban on riding bikes with two kids was lifted in almost all prefectures across Japan. The move resulted from strong objections to the ban from mostly mothers, prompting the National Police Agency to issue safety standards for bicycles suitable for being ridden with two children earlier this year. The agency had previously attempted to fully enforce the ban.
Jul 01 Nissan says to begin production in Vietnam (AFP)
 Japanese automaker Nissan said Tuesday it sees "tremendous opportunities" in Vietnam and will begin local production next year, despite the effects of the financial crisis on the industry elsewhere. Nissan Vietnam Co Ltd will launch its first model assembled in the country by 2010, the automaker said in a statement.
Jul 01 Expwy tolls to be cut before, during Bon (Yomiuri)
 The Construction and Transport Ministry plans to extend expressway toll discounts currently implemented only on weekends and national holidays to Thursdays and Fridays before and during the weeklong Bon Festival holiday period in mid-August, the ministry said Monday.
Jul 01 JAL inks emergency loan accord (Japan Times)
 Japan Airlines Corp. said Tuesday it has signed a loan agreement with two government-backed lenders and three major banks in a bid to return to profitability. The five lenders are the Development Bank of Japan, Japan Bank for International Cooperation, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp. and Mizuho Corporate Bank.
Jul 01 Japan's top retailers tap into 'near-beer' market (Reuters)
 Japan's two largest retailers, Seven & I Holdings (3382.T) and Aeon Co Ltd (8267.T), are launching their own beer-substitute brands in a bid to tickle drinkers' palates while saving them money. Japanese retailers have been expanding in-house brands for everything from detergent to soft drinks in the face of the country's worst recession since World War II. But until now they have not made a full-fledged push into beer.
Jun 30 Japan edition of Marie Claire magazine to be suspended (AP)
 The Japanese edition of women's monthly Marie Claire will suspend publication after the September issue goes on sale on July 28, due in part to the economic doldrums, the publisher said Tuesday. Debuting in 1982, the Japanese-language edition of the magazine conceived in France and distributed worldwide in local editions had won reader support for featuring not only fashion but also novels and cinema.
Jun 30 For 1st time, firms vie for highway work (Asahi)
 For the first time in Japan's corruption-tainted, money-wasting highway industry, competition has arisen over an expressway construction and management project. Three expressway operators--East Nippon Expressway Co., Central Nippon Expressway Co. and Metropolitan Expressway Co.--have applied to the land ministry to oversee the whole project from construction to operation of a new section of the Tokyo Gaikan Expressway.
Jun 30 GM to halt joint venture project with Toyota in Calif. (AP)
 Bankrupt General Motors Corp. said Monday it will discontinue its joint venture project with Japan's Toyota Motor Corp. to produce the Pontiac Vibe small car in California. Toyota expressed regret about the decision.
Jun 30 Aeon, Seven & I enter beer market (Japan Times)
 Supermarket chain operator Aeon Co. said Monday it has codeveloped with brewer Suntory Liquors Ltd. a "third-category" beerlike drink and will begin selling it for ¥100 in late July. Rival retailer Seven & I Holdings Co. said it will introduce at around the same time a similar private brand product with Suntory priced at ¥600 for a pack of six 350-ml cans.
Jun 29 Privatisation of Japan Post may be shelved (Malaysian Insider)
 The privatisation of Japan's mammoth public postal savings, insurance and postal services empire - one of the biggest exercises of its kind ever proposed and a symbol of a former era of market-friendly reforms in Japan - is almost certain to be delayed and the exercise could well be abandoned.
Jun 29 Optimism grows among Japanese executives (Sydney Morning Herald)
 Japan's business leaders have become more optimistic about economic recovery over the past three months, a quarterly newspaper poll said on Sunday. But they also believe that full recovery is not likely until some time in 2010, the Nikkei business daily said, as recent official data began showing signs of gradual economic improvement.
Jun 29 Wholesale supermarkets getting popular (Yomiuri)
 Wholesale supermarkets that sell foodstuffs for restaurants are gaining in popularity among general consumers thanks to their low prices and wide range of merchandise. These supermarkets serve small-scale eating and drinking establishments such as tearooms, restaurants and izakaya pubs around the city. But in most cases, ordinary consumers can also shop there, availing themselves of bargain prices that the stores can offer as they sell goods in bulk.
Jun 29 Fun and fashionable rubber boots help shake off rainy season gloom (Japan Times)
 Rainy days can be a downer, especially for women who want to look fashionable but don't want to get wet in soggy and gloomy weather. Answering this dilemma, colorful and stylish water-resistant boots have grown increasingly popular in urban areas, especially in the last year.
Jun 28 Toyota to work on weekends (Japan Times)
 Toyota Motor Corp. will resume weekend production in July to meet strong demand for the remodeled Prius hybrid car, company officials said Saturday. Toyota resumed overtime work in June but has decided it needs to operate its Prius plant in Toyota, Aichi Prefecture, on July 11 to catch up with brisk demand for the gasoline-electric car, the officials said. Toyota canceled weekend work hours last December.
By J.S. on Jul 2, 2009



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