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Sony-Jackson partnership to keep Beatles rights

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Taking up herewith Japanese National Trend News by Media.
Japanese National Trend will be read via these News.
Regarding the News, "Ishikawa headed to British Open", all japanese people welcome this, I suppose.
Japan to issue tourist visas to Chinese individuals starting Wednesday
Jun 29, 2009 by AP

Japan will start issuing tourist visas to Chinese individuals Wednesday, responding to demands from Chinese people that they be able to enjoy their stay in Japan without the presence of tour guides, a Foreign Ministry official said Monday. Applications for the visa will be accepted at the Japanese Embassy in Beijing and the consulates in Shanghai and Guangzhou during the first year. The service will be expanded to other diplomatic offices in China if conditions are judged appropriate. (AP)

Police eye Japan's mafia over body parts
Jun 29, 2009 by ABC News

Japanese police have found a number of severed hands and other body parts in Tokyo Bay. Investigators believe the Yakuza, or Japanese mafia, could be behind the killings. A man was fishing in Tokyo Bay off Yokohama when he reeled in a man's head and part of a leg. Police divers later found more body parts, including several severed hands. (ABC News)

Ishikawa headed to British Open
Jun 28, 2009 by ESPN

Japanese teenager Ryo Ishikawa closed with a 1-over 73 on Sunday to win the Mizuno Open on the Japan Golf Tour and qualify for the British Open next month. It was the first victory this year for the 17-year-old Ishikawa, and it came at the right time. The top four players not already exempt for the British Open earned a spot in the field July 16-19 at Turnberry. (ESPN)

Altered fingerprints detected in illegal immigration attempts
Jun 29, 2009 by AP

NARITA, Japan, June 29 (AP) -Japanese immigration authorities have had some success detecting people trying to enter Japan illegally via fooling the vaunted biometric authentication technique. Narita airport officials said Monday that since January they have discovered four people trying to escape the authentication system, which is designed to detect foreign nationals with a history of deportation from Japan based on fingerprint data. (AP)

Sony-Jackson partnership to keep Beatles rights
Jun 27, 2009 by Bloomberg

Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, co-owned by Michael Jackson and Sony Corp., will keep control of Beatles songs following the pop singer's death, said a person with knowledge of the venture's plans. Jackson, who died June 25 at age 50 in Los Angeles, owned 50 percent of Sony/ATV, which holds rights to more than 200 songs written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, as well Bob Dylan, Neil Diamond and others. His stake is worth about $1 billion. (Bloomberg)

'Mosquito whine' fails to deter vandals at Tokyo park
Jun 29, 2009 by Yomiuri

A public restroom for women was vandalized at a Tokyo park in which an experiment is under way to stop youngsters roaming around at night by installing a loudspeaker system that emits an offensive high-pitched frequency, it has been learned. (Yomiuri)
By J.S. on Jul 1, 2009



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