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Recent Japanese Electronics Trend

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Taking up herewith "Recent Japanese Electronics Trend" News by Media.
Recent terend will be read via these News.

Jun 22 Nintendo Wii adds advertising to family time (CNET)
 The Nintendo Wii has already changed the face of video games and recently started breaking new ground in advertising and social gaming. With the recent launch of the Wii-no-ma service in Japan, Nintendo has figured out how to make gaming a family event. According to Cyber Media Japan, Nintendo researchers found that 87 percent of Wii users use it on the biggest screen in the house, which is still the one in the living room.
Jun 21 Computer makers ramp up attempts to plug data leaks (Japan Times)
 Japanese electronics makers are stepping up efforts to plug information leaks in computers on rising demand from financial institutions and other clients concerned about losing customer data.
Jun 20 List of goods qualified for Eco-points now out (Japan Times)
 The government revealed a list of products and services Friday that can be exchanged for Eco-points, a type of currency to stimulate consumption and promote use of energy-efficient goods.
Jun 18 Toshiba to speed up system chip shrinkage (Reuters)
 Toshiba Corp, Japan's largest chip maker, said it plans to mass produce 28-nanometre system chips in the next business year as it fights to stay relevant in an area dominated by the likes of Intel Corp and Texas Instruments Inc.
Jun 18 Can an Android conquer Japan's finicky mobile phone culture? (Japan Times)
 Google Inc. is taking aim at Japan's cell phone market, but whether the search giant can win over the nation's notoriously picky consumers is very much an open question.
Jun 17 Black Wii shown off in Japan (Bloomberg)
 After nearly three years on store shelves, Nintendo is finally rolling out a Wii that isn't an iPod-like shade of white. This one's black, and like this spring's red Xbox 360 tied in with Resident Evil 5, the newly darkened Wii will arrive bundled with a new Capcom release.
Jun 16 Japan's government to increase stockpiles of rare metals (MarketWatch)
 Japan's government is planning to bolster its stockpiles of rare metals used in the production of liquid-crystal displays, solar panels other high-tech goods, taking advantage of the fall back in prices.
Jun 16 Big in Japan: Apple Retail Experience (SeekingAlpha)
 At the Apple Store, a focused family of products sits proudly atop gorgeous display tables that don't threaten to topple when you touch the machines. Using the machines is encouraged, too, because there's no risk of them blowing up in customer faces or freezing or running through a kaleidoscope of error messages, as happens routinely in PC shops.
Jun 15 Wii overtakes PS3 in Japanese hardware sales for 2009 (examiner.com)
 In late April, the Playstation 3 overtook the Nintendo Wii as the top selling home console in the Japanese market for 2009. That achievement didn't last long, however, as the Nintendo Wii has overtook the Playstation 3 for hardware sales in Japan for 2009, according to the latest Media Create numbers.
Jun 13 Fujifilm Announces FinePix Z300 Touchscreen Digital Camera in Japan (cameratown.com)
 Fujifilm has announced a new digital camera in Japan, the FinePix Z300, that features a large 3.0" touchscreen display with new touch shutter control. This feature gives users the ability to touch the screen to select a focus area and to actually take the picture. The camera features 10-megapixel resolution and a 5x optical zoom lens (36-180mm).
Jun 11 Sony develops mercury-free alkaline button cell (AFP)
 Sony has developed a new type of alkaline manganese button-cell that contains no mercury and will put it on sale later this year, it said Wednesday. Alkaline manganese cells are commonly used in cameras, remote controls and calculators and are one of several types of button-cell batteries, so-called because the small, round, metal-cased batteries look similar to buttons.
Jun 10 Flat-screen TV sales in Japan jump 42.9% in May (AP)
 Unit sales of flat-screen televisions in Japan shot up 42.9 percent in May from a year earlier thanks to a government program providing incentives to consumers for the purchase of eco-friendly home electronic appliances, according to data released Wednesday by a market research firm.
Jun 10 Sony sorts out the PSP; netbooks get a dose of speed (Japan Times)
 Technology companies have an easy way of dealing with mistakes - don't admit them, just quietly stop using the failed innovation. Sony sticks to this dogma with the latest version of its PlayStation Portable gaming devices.
Jun 09 Softbank Mobile to release Apple's new iPhone on June 26 in Japan (AP)
 Corp. said Tuesday it will start selling the iPhone 3GS on June 26 in Japan, a new version of Apple Inc.'s smartphone that boasts faster performance than the current version. The iPhone 3GS, better capable of shooting and editing video, sells at 23,040 yen for its 16 gigabyte model and 34,560 yen for a 32GB model, Softbank Mobile, a phone unit of Softbank Corp., said.
Jun 09 Is Sony really working on Android-based mobile devices? Most likely yes (crunchgear.com)
 Does Sony dream of Android? The Japanese web is currently filling up with rumors about Sony preparing not one but two Android-based mobile devices. Both the Android-powered Walkman and a personal satellite navigation device are rumored to launch next year. I just checked all Japanese news sources I could find reporting on the topic and the short answer is that the rumor seems to be true.
Jun 08 Hybrid battery output boosted (Japan Times)
 The hybrid battery joint venture between Toyota and Panasonic is raising annual production at its domestic plants to about a million by next year, officials have said. The company, based in Kosai, already controls 80 percent of the global market in such auto batteries.
Jun 06 Twin Sticks Set for 360 in Japan (IGN)
 The ultimate Virtual On peripheral is coming to Xbox 360 owners in Japan. Sega made a post at the official Virtual On blog today confirming that peripheral maker Hori will be delivering a Twin Sticks controller for the Xbox Live Arcade download title. The device will ship to Japan in November.
Jun 04 Cell phone recycling campaign looking to reverse downtrend (Japan Times)
 The government kicked off a campaign Wednesday urging consumers to take their old cell phones to collection points so their rare and precious metals can be recycled.
Jun 03 Panasonic Japan announces new VIERAs with built-in HDDs (crunchgear.com)
 Panasonic launched the VIERA R Series today in Japan, consisting of a total of seven new plasma and LCD TVs. The first TVs of the series will be available over here starting July 1, with Panasonic not yet saying anything about sales in overseas markets.
Jun 03 Sony steals a page from the Apple playbook; rolls out pint-sized PSP (FT.com)
 Today, Sony officially unveiled a new portable gaming system called the PSP Go, which executives said will be available this fall in the US and Japan. The device will be 50 percent smaller and 40 percent lighter than the current PSP 3000, according to Reuters, and feature 16 gigabytes of Flash memory, integrated Bluetooth, and an application allowing users to access the online PlayStation Store. The price tag is expected to be $249.99.
Jun 01 Wii Fit Plus, new Mario hitting Japan in '09 (gamespot.com)
 Nintendo's E3 Press Conference isn't until 9 a.m. on Tuesday, June 2. However, like its rival Sony, the game giant appears to have had some of its surprises spoiled by the many-tentacled beast of the 24-hour Internet news cycle.
By J.S. on Jun 26, 2009



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