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Japan moon probe's final moments revealed

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Taking up herewith Japanese National Trend News.
Japanese Trend will be read via these News. 
Influenza A: Japan relaxes guidelines on dealing with epidemic
Jun 20, 2009 by New Straits Times

The Japanese government has formally revised and relaxed its guidelines for dealing with the new H1N1 influenza, basically allowing every medical institution in the country to see new flu patients and for people with mild symptoms to recuperate at home, Kyodo News reported. The Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry also decided to start producing a vaccine against the new flu in mid-July, which would allow for inoculations to start as early as October, by stopping output of seasonal flu vaccine. (New Straits Times)

Japan moon probe's final moments revealed
Jun 19, 2009 by MSNBC
Image: Crater 
(A large crater reveals the harsh light and shadow created on the lunar landscape as sunlight fight no atmosphere.)

The Japanese space agency on Friday released a series of images that document the final moments of the Kaguya lunar probe just before it slammed into the moon last week. The images, released a day after NASA launched its own moon-slamming mission, reveal a now-familiar pockmarked landscape, desolate and with stark shadows, all up-close as the spacecraft sinks lower and lower toward its final resting place. (MSNBC)
Man arrested on allegedly killing woman by throwing her in sludge tank
Jun 20, 2009 by AP

A 40-year-old man was arrested Friday on suspicion of killing a woman who worked under him by dumping her in an outdoor sludge tank in Shiga Prefecture last week, police said. Shigenari Morita from Maibara in Shiga Prefecture, allegedly hit Noriko Ogawa, a 28-year-old office worker from Nagahama in the prefecture, on the head with an object before throwing her into the tank sometime between June 10 and 12, they said. (AP)
World's oldest man dies at 113 in Japan
Jun 20, 2009 by AFP

The world's oldest man, Tomoji Tanabe, died at his home in southern Japan on Friday at the age of 113, according to a local official. Tanabe, who suffered from a chronic heart problem, passed away with his relatives at his bedside, said an official at Miyakonojo City, where he lived. (AFP)

Ministry to close swine flu clinics
Jun 19, 2009 by Asahi

To prevent panic in the possible next wave of new swine flu, the health ministry will end its policy of forcing flu patients to receive medical treatment only at specialized facilities, sources said. (Asahi)

Day in court a trial for many Japanese
Jun 18, 2009 by Reuters

Katsuyoshi Fujii may inadvertently make legal history in Japan. His trial for the fatal stabbing of an elderly neighbor in Tokyo looks set to be the first heard under a new system whereby members of the public join judges in deciding criminal cases. But far from wanting a say in how justice is done, most Japanese are either wary of or downright opposed to the idea of becoming "lay judges" to discuss and hand down verdicts and sentences - including the death penalty. (Reuters)

By J.S. on Jun 24, 2009



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