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Japanese fall out of love with luxury

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Taking up herewith Japanese Trend News by Media in relation to Japanese Economocal Trend in last week.
Japan's Economic situation will be read via these News.
Jun 06 Rising outback, setting sun (Forbes)
 When central banks around the world decide to change targets for short-term interest rates, they become a big influence on the flow of funds around the globe, and the resulting changes in the relative value of particular currencies against others.
Jun 05 Japan's foreign reserves reach second-biggest volume in May (AP)
 Japan's foreign exchange reserves at the end of May rose $12.54 billion over the past month to $1,024.01 billion, reaching their second largest ever volume, the Finance Ministry said Friday.
Jun 05 Japan's new fiscal target to be halving deficit ratio by FY 2013 (AP)
 Japan's new key fiscal target will likely be halving the ratio of its primary balance deficit to gross domestic product by the end of fiscal 2013, according to a draft of the government's upcoming fiscal guideline.
Jun 04 Development bank issue (Asahi)
 A plan to fully privatize the Development Bank of Japan may very well be shelved. The government and ruling parties submitted an amendment bill to the current Diet session to delay sales of all stock in the bank by about three years. Since then, the main opposition Minshuto (Democratic Party of Japan) has proposed its own amendments. The latest version of the bill incorporates a provision that would allow the government to retain ownership of more than one-third of the bank's shares.
Jun 04 Debt-to-GDP ratio should be cut: panel (Japan Times)
 The government should reduce its public debt to gross domestic product ratio "in a stable manner" and start eliminating its budget deficits to sustain fiscal health, a Finance Ministry panel said Wednesday.
Jun 03 Japan to restart loans for developing countries via aid agency JICA (AP)
 A government panel on Tuesday approved a proposal to allow the Japan International Cooperation Agency to make investments in and provide loans to help developing countries again, reversing a 2001 decision to strip JICA of such power, government officials said.
Jun 03 Japanese fall out of love with luxury (FT.com)
 Japan's trend-chasing office workers and ladies who lunch are giving up Louis Vuitton handbags and Chanel jackets for Zara dresses and Gap jeans, making what was a favourite market for luxury manufacturers into one of their biggest headaches. The downturn is forcing customers in Japan to scale back purchases of luxury goods, accelerating a long-term shift in consumer attitudes.
Jun 02 Japan's economy has hit bottom: finance minister (mysinchew.com)
 Japan's economy likely bottomed out in the first quarter of 2009 but is unlikely to recover until late this year or early 2010, Finance Minister Kaoru Yosano said Tuesday. Japan, which has suffered its deepest post-war economic slump, posted its worst growth figure during the January-March quarter as gross domestic product (GDP) shrunk by an annualised 15.2 percent.
Jun 02 More than a 'whiff' of inflation in Japan (SeekingAlpha)
 Well, as Claus Vistesen pointed out in his last post, Japanese data is pretty much a mixed bag at the moment. Industrial output shot up in April, and the May PMI data suggested that the easing of manufacturing contraction continued in May. However household spending and retail sales fell, unemployment rose, and the CPI reading suggested the Japanese economy is once more getting itself firmly wedged in inflation territory.
Jun 02 Singapore, Japan showing weak transactional activity (property-report.com)
 Gateway cities like Japan and Singapore continued to experience weak transactional activity in their property markets in the first quarter of 2009 with transactional values going down to the fourth quarter of 2008's levels at US$1.5 billion and $91 million respectively, according to DTZ.
Jun 01 Japan to choose on climate: lose face or lose money (guardian.co.uk)
 Japan's prime minister faces the country's toughest climate change challenge in more than a decade when he sets a greenhouse gas emissions goal for 2020 this month: he must either take a lead on the cuts or cave into pressure from business.
Jun 01 Unemployment rising (Asahi)
 The job situation in Japan is deteriorating rapidly. The unemployment rate rose to a seasonally adjusted 5 percent in April, reaching the 5-percent threshold for the first time in five years and five months, according to the government's latest labor survey. Some experts expect the jobless rate to surpass the record of 5.5 percent and top 6 percent, sooner or later.
By J.S. on 8 Jun, 2009



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