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Toyota facing $1 billion hit over California law

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Taking up herewith Japanese Business Trend News by Media.
Japanese Trend regarding Business might be read vis these News.
Jun 07 Barneys Japan may enter Fukuoka (Japan Times)
 Barneys Japan Co. is considering opening an outlet of the Barneys New York department store in Fukuoka in a few years' time, sources familiar with the matter said Saturday.
Jun 06 Rakuten admits to giving Net mall shoppers' information to 9 firms (AP)
 Rakuten Inc., the operator of Japan's largest Internet shopping mall Rakuten Ichiba, admitted Friday that it had handed over the credit card numbers and other personal information of people who shopped at the mall to nine companies that run shops on the mall.
Jun 06 Mitsubishi unveils all-electric i-MiEV for sale in Japan (USA Today)
 Mitsubishi Motors' electric vehicle is twice as expensive as popular hybrid cars by rivals Toyota and Honda, but Japan's No. 4 automaker said Friday the i-MiEV will help it survive increasingly intense global competition.
Jun 05 Toyota facing $1 billion hit over California law (Japan Times)
 Toyota Motor Corp., ranked as the U.S. market's most fuel-efficient automaker, may have to spend more than $1 billion to meet California's requirement for zero-emission cars.
Jun 05 Hitachi catalogs, ads rife with errors (Japan Times)
 Hitachi Ltd. has found around 200 incorrect or misleading expressions in catalogs and advertisements related to the energy-saving features of home electronics appliances manufactured by its subsidiary, Hitachi Appliances Inc.
Jun 05 Green tea Coca Cola to debut in Japan (AFP)
 Forget "Classic" or "New" Coke. In Japan, you can soon have your cola flavored with green tea or basil. Green tea-flavored Coca-Cola will hit Japanese stores June 8, Coca Cola (Japan) Co. spokesman Katsuya Sato said Thursday. It contains tea antioxidants called catechins, leaves a slight green tea aftertaste and is mainly targeted at health-conscious women in their 20s and 30s, Sato said.
Jun 04 Japan's 98th airport opens in Shizuoka Pref. amid grim outlook (AP)
 A new airport opened Thursday in Shizuoka Prefecture to become the 98th airport in Japan, with eight domestic and international routes, including flights to Seoul and Shanghai. The Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport -- effectively the "last local airport" to open in Japan amid the government's policy to hold back on building new airports -- got off to a rocky start, however, seeing only three of the 48 domestic flights scheduled for the first eight days fully booked as of noon Tuesday.
Jun 04 Tokyo realtor sues Iraqi government for failing to pay rent for embassy building (AP)
 A realtor in Tokyo has sued the Iraqi government for failing to pay about 350 million yen in rent for a building that housed the Iraqi Embassy in Japan, it has been learned.
Jun 04 Regulators probe Japan's Aozora Bank for possible insider trading (Los Angeles Times)
 Japanese regulators are investigating a possible case of insider trading at Aozora Bank Ltd., the midsize lender said Thursday. Local media reported that the Securities and Exchange Commission raided the bank's headquarters in central Tokyo and questioned an employee in its loan division.
Jun 04 A Crucial Summer For Japan's Carmakers (Wall Street Journal)
 Never mind the latest car sales numbers out of the U.S.; Japanese car makers are beginning to gain some serious advantages over their U.S. counterparts in the American market. Take discounts. U.S. figures for May showed that fire sales at General Motors and Chrysler helped them to grab market share from the Big Three Japanese competitors. Ford made the largest gains that month benefiting from the troubles of its U.S. rivals.
By J.S. on Jun 8, 2009



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