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Wiggly Coffee Wows Japan

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Taking up herewith Japanese Business Trend News by Media.
Japanese Business situation might be understood via these News.
Jun 04 Japan's ABC Mart buys 23% stake in United Arrows (Reuters)
 Shoe retailer ABC Mart (2670.T) spent about $69 million to buy a 23 percent stake in clothing retailer United Arrows (7606.T), which said it knew nothing about the purchase beforehand.
Jun 04 Analysts shoot down Branson's Japanese trial balloon (WAToday)
 Virgin Blue's biggest shareholder, Richard Branson, has a habit of talking up the expansion plans for Australia's second-largest carrier before clearing them with management. Virgin stressed yesterday that the prospect of it flying to Japan was "very interesting" but "very preliminary".
Jun 04 Wiggly Coffee Wows Japan (huffingtonpost.com)
 Going on sale today at Japanese Starbucks is the Coffee Jelly Frappuccino. "Jelly" is British for Jell-O. We're talking gelatinous coffee, served in tremulous cubes and as a spread and as a dessert ingredient throughout Asia. It's made just as our moms made those brightly colored molds for potlucks, by dissolving sugar and powdered gelatin in liquid -- in this case coffee -- then chilling it to jiggliness.
Jun 04 Drug-selling competition to intensify (Yomiuri)
 Supermarkets and convenience stores now see drug sales as a new source of potential profits. To take advantage of the introduction of a revised law allowing convenience stores and supermarkets to sell nonprescription drugs without having pharmacists in attendance, these stores have started strengthening their sales networks or developing low-cost private brand drugs.
Jun 04 Toyota to lease lithium-ion plug-in hybrids (Japan Times)
 Toyota said Wednesday it will start leasing plug-in hybrid cars that are even more efficient than its popular Prius by the end of the year in the United States, Japan and Europe. Toyota Motor Corp. will start leasing 200 plug-ins in Japan, 150 in the U.S. and 150 in Europe, mostly for rental, including through special government-backed programs.
Jun 03 Lower salaries and short vacations take toll on domestic tourism industry (Mainichi)
 Despite people's willingness to travel, lower personal income and insufficient holidays are causing a decline in domestic travel, according to the White Paper on Tourism for fiscal 2008, approved by the Cabinet on Tuesday.
Jun 03 GM-Suzuki ties continue despite bankruptcy (Mainichi)
 Japanese small car maker Suzuki and General Motors will continue their partnership in production and technology-sharing after GM's bankruptcy, both sides said Tuesday.
Jun 03 Is this the future of food? (Daily Mail)
 They look more like the brightly lit shelves of a chemists shop than the rows of a vegetable garden. But according to their creators, these perfect looking vegetables could be the future of food. In a perfectly controlled and totally sterile environment - uncontaminated by dirt, insects or fresh air - Japanese scientists are developing a new way of growing vegetables.
By J.S. on Jun 5, 2009



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