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Google Android plays 'catch-up' in Japan's wireless wonderland

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Taking up herwtih Japanese National Trend News by Media.
I'm interested in the News titled "Google Android plays 'catch-up' in Japan's wireless wonderland" and "U.S., Japan want UN to cut North Korean financial ties to world".
Discounts boost Japan retailers
May 28, 2009 by BBC

Retail sales in Japan rose in April for the first time in eight months as discounting at department stores and supermarkets pulled in customers. A government stimulus plan to give two trillion yen ($21bn; £13bn) in cash to households had also started. (BBC)

Japan suicides climb as economy plumbs depths
May 28, 2009 by Reuters

TOKYO (Reuters) –Suicide is rising in Japan as the economic crisis bites, with more than 100 people a day taking their lives in April. "It's the end of the financial year, so I think the effect of the economy is a trigger," said Yasuyuki Shimizu, head of Lifelink, a group that campaigns to prevent suicide. In a recession, the end of the financial year tends to spark bankruptcies and layoffs. (Reuters)
U.S., Japan want UN to cut North Korean financial ties to world
May 28, 2009 by Bloomberg

The U.S. and Japan are seeking a United Nations Security Council resolution to cut North Korea's financial ties to the world and forbid the regime selling weapons to raise money, diplomats at the UN said. The proposed sanctions are being discussed by the U.S., Japan, Russia, China, France, Britain and South Korea, according to the diplomats. (Bloomberg)

Google Android plays 'catch-up' in Japan's wireless wonderland
May 28, 2009 by Bloomberg

The advanced state of Japan's mobile-phone system will make it harder for Google Inc. to win converts to its Android system, which will be released in the country as early as June. Google's Android, which allows for services such as navigation with street-level views is due to go on sale in Japan in June or July for as low as 25,000 yen ($262). (Bloomberg)

Time to encourage Japan and South Korea to go nuclear?
May 27, 2009 by Global Post

If Japan and South Korea used their vastly superior resources to out-nuke North Korea, where would that leave the legitimacy Kim and his cohorts think they are gaining from their own program, and how much longer could the regime last? (Global Post)

World first: Japanese scientists create transgenic monkeys
May 28, 2009 by AFP

PARIS (AFP) —In a controversial achievement, Japanese scientists announced on Wednesday they had created the world's first transgenic primates, breeding monkeys with a
gene that made the animals' skin glow a fluorescent green. (AFP)

By J.S. on 30 May, 2009



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