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U.S. wants to study shinkansen technology

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Taking up herewith Japanese Business News Trend by Media.
Regarding "U.S. wants to study shinkansen technology", I'm interested in President Obama's Policy in relation to "Ecological Policy".
To adopt "Shinkansen Technology" will be one of the way to solve Environmental Problems.
Japan, EU at odds on animal tests for cosmetics
May 16, 2009 by Asahi

A new directive banning animal testing for cosmetics in the European Union could have a major impact on trade with Japan, where the controversial practice is still legally mandated for a wide range of products. ...

New guard adds dash of spice to mix in Chinatown
May 16, 2009 by Asahi

YOKOHAMA--A group of young Chinese entrepreneurs is bringing new flavor to Yokohama's famed Chinatown district--and stirring up the long-standing status quo in the process.
In the past four years, the new wave of immigrants has launched a range of restaurants in place of long-standing ventures, most of which were forced out by the recession and an increasing wariness of food made in China.
The traders have brought with them new ideas and business practices, sometimes to the chagrin of their neighbors.

Toyota has 75,000 Prius order s, paper reports
May 16, 2009 by AutoNews

Toyota Motor Corp. has won 75,000 orders for its new Prius gasoline-electric hybrid, the Nikkei business daily said, promising a fierce battle with Honda Motor Co.'s rival Insight hybrid.


Survey: 60% of TV ads fail to impress consumers
May 16, 2009 by Yomiuri

About 60 percent of 17,765 TV commercials aired between April 2008 and March 2009 left almost no impression on viewers, according to a survey conducted by a Tokyo-based private research institute.
The CM Research Center survey targeted 3,000 men and women aged between 6 and 89 living in the Kanto area. They were asked to write down a maximum of five TV commercials they liked or were impressed by every month. ...
U.S. wants to study shinkansen technology
May 16, 2009 by Japan Times

WASHINGTON (Kyodo) A senior official of the U.S. Federal Railroad Administration expressed hope Thursday that Japan will offer its technical expertise to the United States in building a high-speed railway network.
"I think Japan is one of several very good systems that we're interested in looking at," Karen Rae, FRA deputy chief, said in an interview. "We're impressed with the breadth of technology and the accomplishments," she said, referring to the shinkansen network.
President Marack Obama has highlighted a multibillion dollar effort to develop a high-speed U.S. railway system, saying such a network would save energy, create jobs and reduce dependence on automobiles and airplanes. ...
By J.S. in May, 2009



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