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Quote herewith recent NIKKEI WEB SITE News.
If it will be useful for you, I'm happy....
Quote herewith recent NIKKEI WEB SITE News.
If it will be useful for you, I'm happy.

Stressful Music For Stressed-Out People
TOKYO (Nikkei)--Many people listen to classical music in search of mental healing. However a compilation compact disc that purportedly induces stress is enjoying a quiet boom. Aptly titled "Stress," the 1,890 yen CD features pieces with a lot of rasping sounds and rhythms that will make the listener's heart pound. The catch line is, "You can't listen to the end."

The roughly 60-minute CD starts with "Black Angels" by George Crumb, with shrieks from the violin high-pitched enough to set anyone's nerves on edge. The 17-track CD also includes "War Dance" from "Belkis, Queen of Sheba" by Ottorino Respighi, with earsplitting roars of percussion and brass.     Read more...
'Unsung Heroes' Come To Center Stage Of Solar Power Generation

TOKYO (Nikkei)--As the world increasingly latches onto renewable energy, new markets are growing for technologies that help harvest the wind, sun and other clean-energy sources. Japan is a leader in one: solar power generation equipment -- photovoltaic modules, in professional jargon.

Sharp Corp. and Kyocera Corp. are well-known manufacturers of these modules, but behind them are a number of unsung heroes who make the machinery necessary to complete the finished modules.    Read more...

University's collections contain gems of human history, knowledge

The University of Tokyo is one of Japan's elite institutions of higher education. It is also home to an enormous collection of curiosities, often with fantastic stories lurking behind even the most unassuming of items.

In the small agronomic museum near the university's Faculty of Agriculture in Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo, glass jars near the entrance contain the organs of Hachiko, the famous dog whose statue has become a popular meeting spot in front of Shibuya Station. The condition of the formalin-preserved heart and liver shows that the legendary dog, famous for its loyalty to its owner, University of Tokyo Prof. Hidesaburo Ueno, suffered from cirrhosis and died from filarial infection - as recorded after the dog's death in 1935.

In one of the agricultural faculty's rooms, a stuffed Japanese wolf - a species believed to be extinct - stands glaring at entrants with wild, piercing eyes. The precious specimen, one of only five stuffed Japanese wolves in existence, is in a glass case placed casually beside a television set. Nothing is known about the specimen except that it is female and was purchased ... Read more...

Little big man at Beijing Games

With only weeks to go before the Beijing Olympics in August, Speedo International Ltd. of the U.K. has drawn a lot of attention after competitive swimmers wearing its LZR Racer swimsuit set a whole slew of new records. Not a few Japanese companies are supplying official equipment for the Olympic athletes. Most of these suppliers, however, are small to midsize companies trying to forge a path into the world market. Here are some examples.

Volleyball, Mikasa

This will be the first time in 16 years for both the men's and women's volleyball teams to participate. Spectators may be treated to some serious rallying in the matches this year. Mikasa Corp. President Taketoshi Saeki was approached by the Federation Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) several years ago to design a ball that can stand up under prolonged rallies.     Read more...

By T. Satoh on 6 Aug., 2008



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