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Travel agencies plagued by flu-related issues

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Taking up herewith Japanese National Trend News by Media.
Regarding "Swine Flu", the cases is supposed to be found in Korea and in Hong Kong.
A bad influence on World Economy is expected to be avoided.
Japan to Halt Visa-Free Entry for Mexico on Swine Flu
Apr 28, 2009 by Bloomberg

Japan will suspend visa-free entry for Mexican nationals and advise its own citizens to defer trips to the Latin American nation, the center of a global swine-flu outbreak. ...Full story>>

Travel agencies plagued by flu-related issues
Apr 29, 2009 by Yomiuri

Scares over the outbreak of swine flu in North America have scuppered travel agencies hopes of a bumper Golden Week holiday period. On Tuesday, the World Health Organization raised its alert level over the virus, which the government has announced to be a new strain, forcing travel companies into making painful decisions such as canceling tours and urging travelers in Mexico to return home. ...Full sory>>

Japan unveils 11-point initiative for nuke-free world
Apr 27, 2009 by AP

Japan unveiled an 11-point initiative Monday to achieve a nuclear-free world, including a call for the imposition of "effective global restrictions" on North Korea's ballistic missile development and a plan to hold an international conference in Japan early next year on global nuclear disarmament.
...Full story>>

Hello Kitty part of Japan's mask craze 
Apr 27, 2009 by The West
Yukinori Takahashi, who works at a Tokyu Hands store, tries on pollen protection glasses and a mask that seals around users' noses and mouths in Tokyo's Ginza shopping district. It is impossible to go anywhere in Japan this time of year and not notice that the Japanese love surgical masks and wear them just about everywhere they go, mostly to protect others from influenza germs and cedar pollen. (AP Photo/Shizuo Kambayashi)

Everybody, it seems, is wearing them. On trains, on the street, at parties.
It is impossible to go anywhere in Japan this time of year and not notice - the Japanese love surgical masks and wear them just about everywhere they go. ...Full story>>

Passengers scramble to buy masks at airport
Apr 27, 2009 by AP

NARITA, Japan, April 27 (AP) - (Kyodo)—Passengers on Monday scrambled to purchase masks at drugstores at Narita international airport in Chiba Prefecture in the face of reports of swine flu infection in Mexico, the United States and Canada.
A drugstore manager said sales of the masks are about 30 percent higher than usual and that stocks are running out for a particular type of mask which is believed not to allow the virus to pass through it. ...Full story>>

14-month prison term handed down for intimidating victim in court
Apr 27, 2009 by AP

The Tokyo District Court on Monday sentenced a man to 14 months in prison for intimidating in court a woman he was accused of assaulting and who was attending the trial hearing in her capacity as victim.
Eiji Watanabe, 44, threatened the woman, a fortuneteller in her 30s who gave testimony at the first hearing on Feb. 9, by suggesting he would attack her again, according to the ruling. She was so shocked that she gave up attending subsequent hearings. ...Full story>>
By J.S. in Apr., 2009



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