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Takine up herewith Japanese News by News on Japan.
The following News are in relation to "Seek Japan" Corner.

Kobe Connection - April 09
Apr 6, 2009 by Seek Japan JP

Alan Gibson - the 'Kobe Samurai'
Alan is a pillar of the Kobe community. He's been in Japan for 20 years and juggles his paternal responsibilities with writing for the J-League Soccer News and working as a part-time commentator on Asian Champions League matches. He's also the president of The Royal Society of St. George in Kansai, as well as being a board member of both the Kobe Regatta & Athletic Club (aka the KR&AC, Kansai's oldest sports members club - it's been going for more than 130 years) and Animal Refuge Kansai. ...Full story>>

Hey, Kacica, What's Up?
Mar 30, 2009 by Seek Japan JP

Here much like elsewhere, pop music dominates the airwaves, for better or for worse. And while your own country’s pop music might sound more sufferable having heard it most of your life, move to another country and the situation may not be so rosy once the novelty has gone. To find more original music, it becomes necessary to dig a little deeper to find treasures that hide behind the noise of mainstream pre-digested singers. ...Full story>>

death metal in the dentist's office
Mar 29, 2009 by Seek Japan JP 

I went to the dentist a couple of times recently...  was worried that the slight pain in one of my back teeth would turn out to be some kind of horrible cavity.  I still have nightmares about this one time I went to the dentist in the US, without health insurance, and paid some kind of ungodly sum of money to get a root canal.  Maybe I didn't need a root canal, but they said I did, and I was about to move to Taiwan, so I figured that I didn't want to get some horrible toothache as soon as I showed up. 
...Full story>>
Japanese multiculturalism: yes they can!
Mar 28, 2009 by Seek Japan JP 

Here's a belated follow-up to the Soul Flower Mononoke Summit/Oki show in Kyoto last month.  Friggin' badass show, as one would expect.  Probably the best part of it is that Oki got up and jammed with Mononoke on a few songs near the end of the show, and you got this really interesting and beautiful mishmash of music and culture. ...Full story>>

World Baseball Classic final a classic
Mar 24 2009 by Seek Japan JP

What an appropriate ending to the World Baseball Classic the final between Japan and Korea was...It will surely go down as one of the best.
Congratulations to Japan on their victory, and commiserations to Korea who put up a gallent fight and refused to give up, coming from behind three times to take the final into a 10th innings.
...Full story>>

Traveling on a Budget in the Kansai region
Mar 23 2009 by Seek Japan JP

Most tourists to Japan, whom I meet when I am traveling Japan, have a two or three week Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass) that they use to speed around the country on the Shinkansen, or bullet train as it is widely known. The traditional JR Pass, that enables you to travel across Japan on all JR lines (except on the Nozomi Shinkansen) is really handy and economical if you are travelling from say Osaka to Tokyo and then up north to Hokkaido. A day or so there and you are off again on the Shinkansen, to travel back to Osaka, Kyoto and then down to Kyushu. It is really great value if you are travelling long distances every day, as the JR Pass covers consecutive days of travel. ...Full story>>

Good-bye, Hayabusa, in Farewell Fever
Mar 16 2009 by Seek Japan JP

Hayabusa, a sleeper express train, ended the role Saturday at Tokyo and Kumamoto station due to its obsolescence and low rate of users, receiving great tributes from many fans, leaving treasured memories in their minds. ...Full story>>
By J.S. in Apr., 2009



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